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Ambulance Quality Indicators

Ambulance Quality Indicators (AQIs) were introduced in April 2011 for all ambulance services in England. They are used to understand the quality of care provided, focussing particularly on the outcome of care provided for patients, as well as the speed of response to patients.

Ambulance service providers use AQIs to stimulate continuous improvements in the care they provide for patients. These indicators were created to provide a comprehensive and balanced view of care and they should be used as a total set rather than focussing only on a few specific AQIs. As a complete set they provide a much fuller picture of how ambulance services are performing.

Ambulance Quality Indicators are designed to be consistent with measures in other parts of the NHS, most notably those in hospital emergency departments.

It is widely recognised that the first year of data collection is a transitional year from the previous reporting measures to ensure all ambulance services have consistent definitions and reporting methods. For this reason it is not yet possible to directly compare AQI performance across ambulance trusts; however, AQIs produced by individual ambulance trusts can be used to monitor changes and improvements in performance for those individual ambulance trusts.

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is committed to using AQIs to support continuous improvement in the quality of care we provide to our patients, and to help patients to understand how we are performing.

Ambulance response times, that is how quickly we respond to patients and reach them to provide care and support, remain important for the most seriously ill patients and performance against the response time targets continue to be monitored against well established national targets. We are required to respond to 75% of life-threatening calls within eight minutes and 95% of calls within 19 minutes if requested by a clinician attending to a patient.

National AQI Dashboard

Each month SWASFT will publish the latest data on performance in the form of a dashboard. This will show how we are performing in each Ambulance Quality Indicator area compared to how we performed in previous months. As time goes on these dashboards will help compare our performance to other ambulance services across England.

Eleven clinical quality indicators have been measured from April 2011 and the figures can be found here – ambulance quality indicators. Please note, when you open this document you will need to select Enable Macros or Enable Content.

Please click here to access an explanation document which provides further information on each indicator.


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