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The Patient Transport Service provides transport to individuals who are unable, for medical reasons, to make their own way to hospital. This is generally non-emergency work involving admissions and discharges from hospital or attendance at outpatient clinics.

Our patients can be taken to a range of different places including outpatient departments, renal dialysis centres, oncology and hospice centres, day units, children centres, inter hospital transfers and a range of care centres. We also discharge patients back to their place of residence.

Patient transport vehicles are staffed by Ambulance Care Assistants (ACAs). The ACAs are responsible for the welfare of their patients, both throughout the journey and during transfer to and from the ambulance. They ensure that all patients are transported both safely and in comfort and that the medical needs of their patients are met.

The ACA crew maintains regular contact with the PTS Control, updating them on any changes to their work schedule and taking on additional work throughout their shift. Records of journeys and patients are kept and detailed reports completed on any treatment carried out.

The work and scope of the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust PTS is undergoing an exciting transformation - keep a look out here for more information in the future.

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