Annual Plan questionnaire

The Trust Council of Governors is made up of members of the public, staff and stakeholders that represent the communities served by the Trust. As part of their work the Governors would like to hear your views on the future plans of the Trust. They can then share these views with the Board to inform any further development of the plans.

Below is a short questionnaire focused around the newly developed mission, vision and goals of the organisation. The Governors would like to understand if these reflect your views and priorities as a member of the public. Please be assured that any responses will remain completely anonymous.

MISSION: To respond to patients’ emergency and urgent care needs quickly and safely to save lives, reduce anxiety, pain and suffering.

Q1a: Does our mission make it clear what we do?

VISION: To be an organisation that is committed to delivering high quality services to patients, and continues to develop ways of working to ensure patients receive the right care, in the right place at the right time

Q2a: The vision statement sets out where the Trust would like to be in five years’ time. Do you think this is a clear vision for our future work?
Q2b: Do you support this vision?

Q3: The strategic goals below set out the areas that we will focus on to deliver our mission and vision.

Strategic Goal 1: Safe, Clinically Appropriate Responses. Click here for more information on Strategic Goal 1.

Strategic Goal 2: Right People, Right Skills, Right Values. Click here for more information on Strategic Goal 2.

Strategic Goal 3: 24/7 Emergency and Urgent Care. Click here for more information about Strategic Goal 3.

Strategic Goal 4: Creating Organisational Strength. Click here for more information on Strategic Goal 4.

Q3a. Do you think each goal is a good goal to have?

Strategic goal 1
Strategic goal 2
Strategic goal 3
Strategic goal 4

Q3b: Do the goals reflect what is important to you and what the people in your area would like to see?

Q4a: Are there any initiatives in your local area that you would like to see the ambulance service getting involved in, or any new services or volunteer schemes that you think the Trust could consider in the future?

Q4b: Are there any local services or commitments that you would like to see the ambulance service reducing its involvement in the future?

Q5: Is there anything you would like to discuss with your Governor? If so please include your contact details below.

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