Freedom of Information


The Freedom of Information Act was passsed in November 2000. The purpose of the Act is to promote greater openness by public authorities. The Act gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities.

Subject to the exemptions, any person who makes a request to a public authority for that information must be informed whether the public authority holds that information and, if so, that information must be supplied subject to certain conditions.

Under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has a legal duty to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme for the publication of the Trust's information.

Information available online

We have already made a large amount of information available to the public through this website. If you are looking for a specific item, you can browse the pages on our site using the Freedom of Information categories:

Information not already available online

If the information you are looking for is not already available on the website and you wish to make a request using the Act, initial contact should be made to our Freedom of Information Team by email to

Make an FoI request

If you are unable to find the information you require on the website, you can make a request for this information to our Information Governance Team by:

writing to South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7HY;

telephoning 01392 261514; or


While the Trust will make every effort to provide information requested, there will be occasions when it is not appropriate for certain types of information to be released into the public domain. The Act allows certain information to be withheld under limited circumstances. These exceptions include:

The information is not held by the Trust

The Trust can only deal with requests for information that is recorded and stored. It may be that the information has never been held by the Trust or that it was once held but has been destroyed in accordance with the Trust's Records Management Policy.

The information is otherwise available

The Trust will refuse to provide information already available in the public domain. In these circumstances, every effort will be made to direct the applicant to the relevant source of the information.

Retrieval of the information sought would exceed the Statutory Cost Limit

Where it is estimated that the cost of responding to a request for information will exceed £450 - which equates to 18 hours of work - a request will be refused on the grounds of cost.

The applicant has requested information about themselves

A request for this information will be refused on the grounds that this is covered by a separate process known as a subject access request and falls under the remit of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please read the subject access request process.

The applicant has requested information about a third party

A request for this information will be refused on the grounds that it constitutes personal data of a third party and its release would breach any of the data protection principles set out in part one, schedule one of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information concerning investigations

Information which has been gathered for the purposes of an investigation will not be disclosed unless there are compelling issues of public interest that require the disclosure of information. This public interest must be significantly more than mere curiosity or interest in a particular investigation in order to negate issues of personal privacy and possible harm to individuals involved in the investigation.

In order to ensure that these public interest issues are fully considered, all applications for information concerning investigations will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the requirements of the Act.

Further details on any of the exemptions referred to above, or for details of the other exemptions set out in the Act, can be found on the Information Commissioners Office website at

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this scheme - or how your request has been dealt with - these should be sent in writing to:

Information Governance Team
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Abbey Court
Eagle Way

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your request or complaint, you can also contact:

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone: 01625 545700








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