Foundation Trust


The Trust became the first ambulance service in the country to be registered to operate as an NHS Foundation Trust in March 2011.

Foundation Trusts have more freedom from central government control, though they remain fully part of the NHS. Foundation Trusts are duty-bound to deliver free care, based on need, not ability to pay, but they are more accountable to the local community. This is because local people and staff can become members of the Trust and elect representatives to serve on a Council of Governors or even stand for election as a governor themselves.

Foundation Trusts are:

  • Part of the NHS and subject to NHS standards, performance ratings and inspections. They must also work in partnership with other NHS organisations and co-operate with local partners
  • Accountable to Monitor (the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts), who oversee and monitor them against their terms of authorisation and has powers to intervene.


As an NHS Foundation Trust we have:

  • Greater freedom to determine our own future
  • More flexibility to tailor services to the particular needs of the communities we serve
  • New powers to enter into legal and financial agreements with partner healthcare organisations, enabling us to work more effectively together
  • New financial freedoms, allowing us to invest surplus funds where they are most needed.

Find out more

To find out more about NHS Foundation Trusts you can visit our Find Out More section here.

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