Nice Guidelines Assurance


Reference number Title and hyperlink Action plan
CG16 Self harm 05
CG36 Atrial fibrillation 9/13
CG54 Urinary tract infection in children: diagnosis, treatment and long term management 14/13
CG68 Stroke 8/13
CG69 Respiratory tract infections 13/13
CG84 Diarrhoea and vomitting in children under 5 5/13
CG89 When to suspect maltreatment 2/14
CG95 Chest pain of recent onset 1/14
CG99 Constipation in children and young people 5/15
CG102 Bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia 7/13
CG109 Transient loss of consciousness in adults and young people 6/13
CG117 Tuberculosis 13/14
CG123 Common mental health disorders 6/14
CG134 Anaphylaxis (post emergency treatment) 12/11
CG137 Epilepsy 3/14
CG138 Patient experience in adult NHS services 7/14
CG139 Infection control 10/14
CG140 Opioids in palliative care 15/14
CG143 Sickle cell acute painful episode 4/14
CG144 Venous thromboembolic diseases 18/14
CG150 Headaches 5/14
CG151 Neutropenic sepsis 10/13
CG154 Eptopic pregnancy and miscarriage In progress
CG160 Feverish illness in children 1/13
CG161 Falls 4/13
CG167 Myocardial infarction with ST - segment elevation 2/13
CG176 Head injury 8/14
CG179 Pressure ulcers In progress
CG180 Atrial fibrillation (update) 9/13 update
CG183 Drug allergy: diagnosis and management of drug allergy in adults, children and young people 19/14
CG184 Dyspepsia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease 10/15
CG187 Acute Heart Failure 20/14
CG190 Intrapartum care: Care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth In progress
CG191 Pneumonia 3/15
NG1 Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: recognition, diagnosis & management in children
and young people
In progress
NG5 Medicines optimisation: the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best
possible outcomes
NG9 Bronchiolitis in children 4/15
NG10 Violence and aggression 11/15
NG13 Workplace policy and management practices to improve the health and wellbeing of
NG15 Antimicrobial stewardship: systems and processes for effective antimicrobial medicine use 6/15
NG17 Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management 3/16
NG18 Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) in children and young people: Diagnosis and management 2/16
NG24 Blood transfusion In progress
NG25 Preterm labour and birth In progress
NG28 Type 2 diabetes in adults: management In progress
NG31 Care of dying adults in the last days of life In progress
NG33 Tuberculosis In progress
NG37 Fractures (complex): assessment and management In progress
NG38 Fractures (non-complex): assessment and management In progress
NG39 Major trauma: assessment and initial management In progress
NG40 Major trauma: service delivery In progress
NG41 Spinal injury: assessment and initial management In progress


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A father-of-two who survived a cardiac arrest has been reunited with the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) paramedics and the Avon and Somerset Police officers who saved his life at a roadside layby.

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