Technology Appraisals


Reference number Title and hyperlink Action plan
TA52 Myocardial Infarction - Thrombolysis 01
TA74 Trauma - fluid replacement therapy 02
TA131 Asthma (in children) - coritcosteroids 7/15
TA138 Asthma (in adults) - corticosteroids In progress
TA261 Venous thromboembolism (treatment and long term secondary prevention) - rivaroxaban 17/14


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Bath-based paramedic Simon Moody has been hailed a hero after he stepped in to save the life of a Clevedon man – while off duty – and is encouraging everybody to learn the lifesaving CPR skill. South Western Ambulance Service’s (SWASFT) paramedic Simon Moody was off duty and stuck in Bath city centre traffic in the pouring rain in May 2017 when he noticed a man looking unwell on the pavement. It soon became clear the man was struggling to breath and was going into cardiac arrest at the side of the road, as passers-by tried to help. Luckily for the patient Simon stepped straight in and gave him chest compressions putting his paramedic life-saving skills into action before backup from his ambulance crew mates arrived.

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