Patient and Public Engagement


Welcome to the Patient and Public Engagement page. Each year the team attends more than 300 public events, exhibitions and focus groups promoting SWASFT and working with patients and members to help improve our services and relationships across the South West. We aim to work across our whole patch to engage with as many patients and members as possible.

The role of the Patient Engagement team is to gather feedback from the public and feed it back to the Trust, to ensure the public and patients are able to make positive changes to the service we provide. This year we have focused on our quality priorities of older patient care and patient experience service, as well as smaller project on safeguarding and mental health.

These events can also provide an opportunity to offer health information and advice, tours around local ambulances and vehicles, where you can also meet your local ambulance crew. We can also offer blood pressure checks preventing strokes and the importance of Knowing Your Blood Pressure.

For more information about future events we are planning to attend please see our show calendar on the Shows 2018 page.


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A South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) defibrillator has been officially launched in a Cornish seaside town, as a legacy to a local man who died in the place he loved most of all.

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