Voluntary Ambulance Car Service

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has a number of volunteers who use their own cars to convey non-urgent patients to and from hospital appointments.

They are not employees of the Trust and are not paid for their work, but they do receive a mileage allowance. The volunteers aim to convey patients safely and in comfort and escort them to the appropriate department on arrival at the treatment centre.

The volunteer drivers are managed by the Patient Transport Service and are accountable to the Patient Transport Service control, who allocate and supervise their daily work schedules.

These volunteers provide an invaluable service to the community for patients with a medical need for transport, and who would otherwise be unable to get to their appointments.

Planned journeys

75% of planned journeys must arrive within 30-minutes of their appointments.

Special prompt journeys

75% must arrive on time or 30-minutes early for their appointments.


95% of patients must be collected within 60-minutes of the notified termination of their appointment.

Day hospital patients

50% of all patient journeys must arrive up to 30-minutes early (no earlier)

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Bath-based paramedic Simon Moody has been hailed a hero after he stepped in to save the life of a Clevedon man – while off duty – and is encouraging everybody to learn the lifesaving CPR skill. South Western Ambulance Service’s (SWASFT) paramedic Simon Moody was off duty and stuck in Bath city centre traffic in the pouring rain in May 2017 when he noticed a man looking unwell on the pavement. It soon became clear the man was struggling to breath and was going into cardiac arrest at the side of the road, as passers-by tried to help. Luckily for the patient Simon stepped straight in and gave him chest compressions putting his paramedic life-saving skills into action before backup from his ambulance crew mates arrived.

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