Our Plans for the Future


Our vision is that together, we will deliver the best care when you need us most.

To achieve this, we have a five-year Trust Strategy which includes four strategic objectives that support us in achieving our vision:

  • Our Patients: To consistently achieve quality driven, high performing, patient centred care
  • Our People: To create the conditions for our people to thrive
  • Our Partners: To be a valued partner improving health outcomes together
  • Our Organisation: To create a sustainable and progressive organisation that’s data and digitally driven


Our Trust Strategy 2023-28 can be found here.


Our objectives with four squares outlining the objectives as per the text above.



Background to our new Trust Strategy

In 2022 we started on the journey of improving patient safety by recovering our performance. Our Trust strategy builds on this work and confirms a new vision, values and sets four clear strategic objectives from 2023-28.

The strategy sets out what we will focus on in the short and longer term. For the first two years we will be focused on stabilising – we aim to deliver effective patient care, safety and performance, while also strengthening our partnership working. During the later years, we will use patient insights to continuously improve our service, and enhanced partner working to deliver, integrated and co-ordinated care for our 999 patients.

Our Strategy will be delivered with the support of twelve enabling strategies, and you can read more about this in our Trust Strategy 2023-28. Every year we have an Annual Plan which will bring together both the strategic and critical in-year Trust activities with clear milestones and outcomes.

A video sharing some of the highlights from our One Plan 2023/24 is available here.

We've also launched new Trust values – One Team, Compassionate and Innovative.


Our Values image outlining the three Trust values as outlined above.