Patient Participation Panel

Your voice matters, so let's talk! 

The Trust holds a Patient Participation Panel (PPP) every quarter (April, August and December every year) on the second Friday of each month 1000-1130, via Microsoft Teams. 

We need feedback and insight from local people, and you don’t have to have used the service to join the PPP, your opinion really matters and helps us make positive change to ambulance service. 

There’s no commitment to join every time or even for the whole meeting, feel free to drop in and out as your schedule allows. 

To become a panel member, please fill out the form below or, for more information, email us at .

How to join the meeting?

The dates of the Patient Participation Panels are listed below, a link to the agenda will be uploaded before the meeting starts for you to read and raise any questions or comments.

The date of the next Patient Participation Panels are listed below, a link to the agenda will be uploaded prior to the meeting.

  • Friday 9 August 2024 
  • Friday 13 December 2024
  • Friday 11 April 2025

Simply click on the link at the time of the next meeting and you’ll be taken through to a Microsoft Teams Virtual waiting room:  Click here to join the meeting  

The agenda will be shared on the day, if you would like the agenda in advance please contact

What is the Patient Participation Panel?


Here at the South Western Ambulance Service (SWASFT), we are always looking for ways to improve the care and service we provide to you. We are keen to identify what matters most in your local community so have created the panel as a platform for you to have your say in an honest and safe environment!

You, members of the public and our patients, are what is most important to us and your voice is truly invaluable. We are looking for you to join us in our mission to make SWASFT the very best it can be by enrolling in our Patient Participation Panel. We want to collect your views (positive and negative) to help influence informed changes and make better the services we offer.

The meetings take place every quarter which is April, August and December, on the second Friday of the month. They’re held virtually to enable as many members as possible to represent their area, and of course you don’t have to attend every panel, so you can choose when you'd like to take part (and you don’t have to commit to the whole meeting either!)

If you have the time to donate just one hour a month to share your views with our team you would make such a difference to your local communities, to the service we provide, and the way we engage with our patients.

For more information, please contact the team via

You can use the form below to sign up to our Patient Participation Panel. Make a difference, have your say.

Your questions answered

Your questions answered section-

When you come to the PPP, you might have some questions or comments for the Trust, that we cannot address or answer at the time. However, we will make sure your comment or query goes to most appropriate colleague, in the best position to respond, and then publish their reply here so you can be rest assured, your questions will be answered.  

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