Welcome to our Board

The Board is accountable for our vision, strategy, the way we run our services and spend money. We have a unitary made up of 15 Board Members which includes 8 Executive Directors, and 7 Non-Executive Directors


Executive Directors 

Our Executive Directors are responsible for the operational management of the Trust. They are a part of the Board as well as being employees of the Trust. They are lead by the Chief Executive. 


Non-Executive Directors 

Non-Executive Directors make sure the Board acts in the interests of our patients and community. They are members of the public and they're appointed for a set period of time for their skills and experience.


Trust Chair

The Trust Chair is one of the Non-Executive Directors and undertakes a dual role as Chair of the Board of Directors as well as the Council of Governors. This means that the Chair is responsible for leading both the Board and the Council of Governors to ensure that they are working together effectively.

The Board also include the Deputy Chair who deputises for the Chair when appropriate and a Senior Independent Director (SID) who is appointed by the Board made in consultation with the Council of Governors. The SID should act as the point of contact with the Board of Directors if Governors have concerns which approaches through normal channels have failed to resolve or for which such approaches are inappropriate. The SID may also act as the point of contact with the Board for Governors when they discuss for example the Chair's performance.

The Board works closely with our Council of Governors who represents the views of our local community.


Contacting the Board 

All Board members may be contacted via the Corporate Governance Team via Corporate.meeting@swast.nhs.uk, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Exeter, EX2 7HY.

Our board

  1. Stephen Otter


  2. Dr John Martin

    Chief Executive

  3. Amy Beet

    Executive Director of People / Deputy Chief Executive (currently on Maternity Leave)

  4. Jess Cunningham

    Executive Director of Operations / Deputy Chief Executive

  5. Andrew Rosser

    Executive Director of Finance and Infrastructure

  6. Jane Chandler

    Executive Director of Quality Patient Care

  7. Tina Cantelo

    Executive Director of Strategy and Transformation

    Executive Director of Strategy and Transformation

  8. Matthew Thomas

    Executive Medical Director

    Executive Medical Director

  9. Martin Holloway

    Senior Independent Director and Non-Executive Director

  10. Margaret Batty

    Non-Executive Director

  11. Margaret Arnold

    Non-Executive Director

  12. Chris Perry

    Non-Executive Director

  13. Sarah James

    Non-Executive Director

  14. Raz Akbar

    Non-Executive Director

Total results: 14