Board Meeting Schedule and Public Papers

Board Meetings

Our Board convenes publicly six times annually, inviting public participation. We encourage members of the public to raise questions on any agenda item. Written inquiries can be sent to the Company Secretary at by 5pm three days ahead of the meeting. These questions will be addressed by the Chair during the meeting, and a written response will be provided within 10 working days of the meeting. 

Occasionally, timings of our Board meetings may change, so please check the Trust's website to ensure you have the up-to-date date and time. 


Our next Board in Public

Our upcoming Trust Board in Public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 23rd May 2024 at 10am. The meeting will be held at Trust HQ as well as online via Mircosoft Teams, please email for the link. 

Agenda and papers will be available seven days ahead of the Board in Public. 


Would you like guidance to attend?

Guidance for members of the public attending board meetings can be found here. 


Upcoming Meetings 2024 — 2025

  • 25th July 24
  • 26th September 24
  • 28th November 24
  • 30th January 25
  • 27th March 25

 Corporate Calendar 2024-25


Download your Public Board Meeting Papers 2022-23 below:

Please find a copy of Public papers from 2022-23 which you are able to download below. New papers will be uploaded one week prior to the meeting:

 Public Board Papers 30th March 2023

 Public Board Papers 15th December 2022

 Public Board Papers 29th September 2022

 Public Board Papers 30th June 2022