Notify us of your event

We kindly ask the event organisers notify us of your event as it allows us to ensure our control room and local ambulance stations are aware of your event and how to best get in touch should there be an issue.

Please download the form below and return it to your local Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Officer by using e-mail address below for the area your event is taking place.

Download Event Organisers Medical Notification Form Here

Whilst our Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Officers cannot provide recommendations of companies that provide event medical cover we can provide advice in relation to ensuring you have an adequate level of cover for your event.

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We have also developed a self-assurance tool which can be used by event organisers to assure themselves that they have the correct level of provision in place for their event. This can be downloaded here There is no need to return this form to us, it’s for your records.


Event Medical Cover: Guidance for Event Organisers

Event organisers have a responsibility to ensure that their events are safe and should ensure there is appropriate medical cover available to all those attending or involved in delivering the event. The medical cover on site should be suitable so it minimises the effects of the event upon the statutory healthcare services and event organisers are encouraged to engage with the local Safety Advisory Group (SAG) where one is convened.

Every event should have an appropriate level of medical cover which should be based on a comprehensive needs assessment. The needs assessment should carry out by the event organiser and the chosen medical provider in line with the relevant guidance documents associated to that event. Useful guides on the minimum and safe levels of cover dependant on the event type that should be reviewed by event organisers include:

Your event may also have specific requirements depending on the type of event and should contact your regulating body if unsure. Such events include UK Athletics licenced events, motocross events and boxing events.

It is important to be aware that medical providers vary in capability and experience and event organisers should exercise due diligence in selecting one that is competent, reliable, and able to meet the needs of the event. A medical plan should be produced for the event which outlines all the phases of the event, including where appropriate the build, break, ingress, and egress, as all present their own individual challenges.

Where guidance indicates an ambulance is required for the event this normally means the ambulance should be crewed with a least one registered paramedic. The ambulance crew would normally consist of a second crew member trained to a suitable standard to operate an emergency ambulance eg ambulance technician etc.

Ambulance provision provided on site for the event (where required) should be capable and willing to transport any patients who require hospitalisation, to a suitable Emergency Department with minimal delays. It is expected that where ambulance cover is indicated in the guidance for the event there should be no requirement for 999 calls to the local ambulance service (except for multiple casualties or a major incident).

For ambulance operators providing treatment and transport, they should be able to provide evidence of current Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration. This should be mandatory where the provider transports people off an event site to hospital. You can check if your medical provider is CQC registered by clicking here.