Visits to Schools and Youth Groups

We understand the value of educating children about our service, therefore we try to attend as many schools as we can. You can expect our trusted volunteers to deliver the following messaging;

  • What is an Emergency
  • When to dial 999
  • See inside an ambulance

We have designed some learning packs which our volunteers will use when visiting your school or youth group. You may also download the packs below to create your own session. These will help to guide you in educating the children on some of the topics we would cover if we were to attend your school. See below for the pack most appropriate for your children.

 Early Years Lesson Plan

 Keystage 1 Lesson Plan

 Keystage 2 (7-11) Lesson Plan

 Keystage 3 (11-14) Lesson Plan

 Keystage 4 (14-16) Lesson Plan

 Keystage 5 (16-18) Lesson Plan

 School and youth group presentation (Early Years - Mid Primary)